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15% GST Formula

The formula for calculating GST in New Zealand has changed since the rise in GST, however it is still relatively straight forward. Before we start, we should understand that all GST calculation is relative to the "base" which is the original figure that you have. If you are wanting to add GST, then the base would be the price without GST...

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If you own a business working with Taxation then advertising on is a good opportunity to reach thousands of people. Advertising on the site will not only drive traffic to your site but also increase your sites ranking and will get your brand out to a very specific niche set of internet users. Since all of our users are...

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Here at GST Portal we want to simplify your needs when it comes to Goods and Service Tax. Since the change in the New Zealand GST tax rate we have been providing advice on GST to people around New Zealand and businesses around the world. One of our other services can be viewed at which is the number one website in New...

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Helpful Websites

Here is a list of helpful websites that you may find useful;  is New Zealand's number one GST Calculator serving both business and personal customers since 2009 is New Zealand's easiest to use Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Calculator is the easiest way to see your New Zealand salary broken down into the individual taxable portions. What is your true net salary?

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